Patient Testimonials

“Great experience!! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Great staff. Thanks for fixing my injuries!”

- Dr. Gareth T.

“At Chirowell the staff is friendly and happy to be there. They follow CDC guidelines and it’s very clean. Dr. Chang is doing Zone therapy on me. I’ve tremendously improving everyday. My range of motion for neck and treated Sciatica. I highly recommend him.”

- June T.

“I have been trying to loose weight for 4 years and never lost a lbs or inch. Tried so many different diets, exercise and medical guided diets. After doing Chirowell I have lost 31lbs and 28.5 inches in 6 weeks. I feel healthier, sleep better and have more energy. I’m planning on going for another 6 weeks after the maintenance cycle to get to the weight I was was years ago.

Definitely a life change and worth it if your serious about losing weight. Thank you Dr. Jae and staff for the moral support throughout this process.”

- Kathryn C.

“Hands down Dr. Jae Chang is the best Chiropractor I have ever seen in both CA and AZ. He is professional, caring, and super friendly. I have had a great recovery thanks to him. He is very knowledgeable and his team is very helpful whenever I visit. They are very good with kids. I always had my preferred timeframe for each visits, he tries his very best to accommodate everyone’s schedule. It’s just almost impossible to have a bad experience with them.”

- Sunny C.

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