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Should You Eat Snacks for Weight Loss?

Quick quiz:

Which is a healthier snack when trying to lose weight?

A. Trail Mix

B. An Apple

The answer is: neither. When it comes to losing weight, there's no such thing as a healthy snack. In fact, snacking in general is a bad idea. Here's the reason why -- When you're snacking every couple of hours, whether it's healthy food or not, your body is responding to that introduction of food. In response, your body releases insulin, which is a fat-storing hormone. So regardless of what you put in your mouth, whether it's an apple or a nut, your body will release insulin, which will make you gain weight. So, the best idea is to try not to snack at all and just stick to eating regular meals -- around 2 or 3 per day. A regular meal is composed of protein, vegetable and fruit, and a healthy fat. Period. There are simply no snacks for weight loss.

So, if you've been a snacker all your life, and have been struggling to lose weight, give not snacking a try. If you'd like help losing weight with my weight loss plan or the lipo-laser special, just give my office a call.

- Dr. Jae

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