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Neck & Lower Back Exercises to Do Everyday

Updated: Jun 1

Here are some simple spinal hygiene exercises for your neck and lower back. Think of these like brushing your teeth everyday -- if you do these exercises every day, your neck and back is going to feel a lot better.


  1. Keep your head looking down for about 10 seconds (don't move it) and then tilt it back for 10 seconds. Then tilt it left for 10 seconds and right for 10 seconds. Then rotate your neck left and right, holding each side for 10 seconds.


2. Bend at the waist and reach for your toes -- hold it for 10 seconds (do not bounce or jerk). Then lean back, right, and left, holding each position for 10 seconds. Then rotate left and right and hold each side for 10 seconds.

In total these neck & lower back exercises will take 2 minutes. That's it! It's just like brushing your teeth for 2 minutes every day. Try it out now!

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